Laser IPL & RF

Laser, IPL, and RF-treatments use light impulses, which penetrate through the upper layer of the skin and deposits its energy into the hair follicles, destroying them. 4-8 treatments will typically result in a reduction of 80-90% of the hair.

About laser Hair Removal – IPL Hair Removal

A laser or IPL machine can be used for permanent hair removal of dark hairs. Because the method is dependant on the melanin (pigment) in the hair, this means that fair, red, and grey hair cannot be removed with this method. For persons with a dark skin complexion, the treatment will be possible, but the power of the light will have to be reduced, thereby giving a less pronounced result. A new technique, which is supposed to be able to remove fair, red, and grey hairs, is RF-treatment. RF (Radio Frequency) are radio waves, that can be used in connection with IPL. The radio waves are independent of both the skin’s and the hair’s pigmentation, and the method should therefore be able to remove fair, red, and grey hairs regardless of the patient’s skin colour. Hair removal with laser or IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) works by sending light pulses with a high energy level down through the skin, after which the light energy is deposited as heat into the hair follicles, causing them to burn down and die. Each follicle has its own growth cycle. A hair will grow out, fall off, and then have a resting period. Laser, IPL and RF treatments can only remove hairs from the growth stage. Because of this, 4-8 treatments with 2-5 months in between each treatment is required in order to get to all of the hairs of the treated area. Due to this, permanent hair removal with laser, IPL or RF can become a long-lasting and expensive project. The exact amount of treatments required are dependant on many factors. Gender, age, ethnic origin, diet, weight, hormones, and metabolism are individual factors that have an impact on the result. In most cases, a perfect result shouldn’t be expected. Instead you should expect a to require a follow-up treatment every 6 months, or every year, in order to maintain the hair-free look. The difference between laser and IPL is primarily found in the actual light used, although both types of lights are used in the same way to remove hair, and there are no studies to show, that one method is better than the other.